Russia Balance of Trade

Exports increased by 47.2 percent to $25.1 billion from $17 billion in January 2016. It was the biggest monthly increase since April 2010, as exports to non-CIS countries advanced 49.1 percent (from 10.4 percent in December) while those to CIS countries went up 34.7 percent (from -3.8 percent). 

Imports went up 38.9 percent to $13.7 billion from $9.8 billion a year earlier, marking the sixth consecutive month of gains. Imports from non-CIS countries climbed 35.8 percent (from 10.5 percent in December) and those from CIS countries advanced by 65.9 percent (from 11.5 percent).

The trade surplus with non-CIS countries jumped by 68.9 percent to 10 billion from $6 billion a year ago while with CIS countries went up 9.7 percent to $1.8 billion from $1.3 billion.